Patient Testimonials

Our mission at Blue Mountain Surgery is to provide high-quality general and comprehensive surgical care to adults and adolescents in a comforting atmosphere. Dr. Siegert provides individualized and personal care in an intimate office setting.  But don't take our word for it... hear it straight from our patients. 

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Your approach to my medical condition and its treatment has been nothing short of amazing, and through this experience you have reminded me that all things great and small really do matter.

Your dedication to the field of medicine is remarkable, especially at a time when the world is struggling with even the simplest of issues, and the quality of our lives are so uniquely challenged from this behavior.

You made a frantic situation a lot more comforting. You were very informative and 'patient friendly,' which was extremely pleasant. You affirmed a sense of confidence in my husband again. He had lost patience with 'doctors' in general and your continued care and concern for my health was a positive experience for him.

Everyone was kind, courteous, caring and demonstrated a very high degree of professionalism.

You made a huge impact on me by holding my hand before surgery; a small gesture that made such a difference.

You were the one that took time to talk and explain things to me.

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